Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Diet & next goal

Today's post is just going to be about updating my diet/fitness progress and announcing my next goal: poker.

Now, more specifically, my next goal is going to be to be able to make money from poker. I will be playing Texas Hold 'Em because I believe I have the best chance of making money from this game. I'll be going to a local casino once I've practiced enough to test my skill and try to make money.

Even more specifics on my goal: 
-make $1,000 profit in one night
-make $10,000 profit in one month

Yes, this will be hard. But who said I wanted it to be easy?!?

But you aren't finished with the fitness goal!

My fitness goal is in large part on automatic. I've been able to maintain my caloric deficit and hit the gym with a lot of time to spare in my day, so I thought I'd up the ante (pun intended) and add another goal.

My plan so far;

1. Learn statistics and probability
2. Learn basic bluffing, betting and folding technique
3. Enter local poker tournaments where the buy-in is either $0 or low.
4. Document my progress
5. Once I've won a large amount of the games I play (maybe 90%), go up to the casino and start out small (maybe $200 the first night) and work my way up.

Fitness progress

Everything is going as planned; caloric deficit as low as I can handle, 180g+ of protein a day, hitting the gym hard, and trying to not succumb to the hunger. I'm currently at 144lbs. and will be shooting for 135lbs. by the time I get my next DEXA scan which is November 10th. Progress pictures come in November!

Hope everyone is enjoying fall!!!

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