Monday, November 7, 2016

DEXA Body Fat Scan: Why the "Bod Pod" is not at all adequate


I got my second DEXA body fat scan today and I'm proud to say some very visible progress has been happening. BTW, if you don't know what the procedure for DEXA body fat scanning is, check out my earlier blog post here. 

The numbers, in case you can't see the photo above, say that when I got my first scan (August 28, 2016), I was about 146lbs., 23% body fat and a little chubby (photo on the left).

 The second scan I got (today, November 7, 2016) said that I was 135lbs., 18% body fat and noticeably thinner (photo on right).

This gives me a net body fat percentage loss of ~5%! In a manner of two months, that's some crazy progress!

And to think the Bod Pod told me I was at 5% when I was 150lbs.!!! Ladies and gents, don't get your body fat measured with the Bod Pods.... spend the extra money and do it right.

How did this happen so quickly?!?

The sound of progress

 I'm a big proponent of;
1. No excuses
2. Own your $hit
3. Work hard

This means I take responsibility for when I fail or take long to succeed in a goal, admit when I make a mistake and put a lot of work into achieving my goals.

Could I have lost more body fat percentage in a shorter time? Probably. That's something I have to deal with. But I am very proud of the progress I've had thus far.

New Game Plan

The game plan must always be changing because we change! I have to take a 2 week maintenance break before going back into a caloric deficit. This has to do with a variety of hormones and chemicals in my body that need time to reach relatively normal levels before I diet again.
The reason anyone would be encouraged to do this is because your body adapts to the diet as if you were slowly starving. This means your cortisol increases (this is your stress hormone, bad for losing weight), testosterone drops and a slew of other bad things happen that make being in such a severe deficit as I was almost counter-productive.

So for the first week I'll be eating my maintenance minus about 10%. Lyle McDonald suggests you subtract 10% from your maintenance to not gain weight from your body's metabolism slow down caused from the diet. My maintenance is about 1,600 calories. 10% of 1,600 is 160. Which brings me to 1,440 which I rounded to 1,400.

I'll be eating 140g of protein for the first few days and slowly decrease it down to about 120g. This brings me to eat about 88g of carbs and 54g of fat for the first few days. 

After the first week is over I'll go up to 1,550 calories, 120g protein, the rest fat and carbs. 

When the two weeks of maintenance are done, I'll head back to a severe deficit diet but not as severe as the one I just ended.

Stay tuned!!

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