Friday, November 18, 2016

Dieting is hard. Period.

Well, here I am. Having dieted for 3+ months (2 months on Lyle's Rapid Fat Loss diet)... with no six pack still

I found this guy the other day who got a six-pack in 2 months. He dropped 34lbs. and went down to 5.4% body fat. That's insane. 

Granted, so far, he lost more weight than I have. I've lost about 20lbs. (155 to ~135). Will I have a six-pack at 125lbs.? Well, at 125lbs. I'll be about 11% body fat. In order to have a six pack for sure, I imagine I'll need to get to 10% or lower. 10% body fat puts me at about 122lbs. Which means I'll need to lose about 13 more pounds!

If I am putting myself in a caloric deficit of about 1,300. If 1lbs. of fat is about 3,500 calories, that means I'll lose 1lbs. in every 2.5 days or 3 days. Which means I'll be at my goal in a month and 10 days. WOW.... that's insane. I've already been dieting for several months now and I've got a little less than a month and a half to go. 

This better be worth it...

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