Foundation of fat loss

***This page and all subsequent pages are not professional opinions and will change according to what I learn and experience**

Follow these steps to lose weight. Period.

1. Calculate your daily caloric requirement. You can get a good estimate with this online calculator.

2. Set a daily caloric deficit. Some people suggest starting out with 500 calories less than your number calculated in step #1. You can technically go as low as you're able to handle as long as you eat enough protein. If you want to do a protein sparring modified fast (PSMF) diet, you'll need to get 1.2-2.0 grams of protein per pound of lean body weight. This is a good article to get started with that.

3. Hit the gym. You have to tear up your muscles in the gym (and eat protein) so your body doesn't digest the muscle in your body before it digests the fat. As long as you hit the gym and get enough protein, muscle loss will be minimal (if any). No, eating a ton of protein (under 300g) will not damage the kidneys (as long as you aren’t predisposed to or are suffering from kidney failure of some sort), nor give you gout. I’m not sure what quantity you’d have to eat in order for those things to happen, but it’s not 200 grams...

4. Track your progress and adjust as needed. You'll need to keep lowering your daily caloric intake (if not doing the PSMF) as you lose more and more weight. Keep in mind, the lower in body fat percentage you go, the harder fat loss will become. You’ll get insanely hungry, cranky, sensitive to smells, etc.

5. Optional supplements to help. 
-Fish oil. Great for helping your body more efficiently burn fat, keep metabolic processes on point, and a whole other list of things.
-Bromocriptine. Although I’m not at all an expert on the mechanics and ways bromocriptine works, I do know that Lyle McDonald is. If you’re curious, read his book aptly titled “Bromocriptine”. Some precautions learned through personal experimentation; can make you nauseous for a good week or so before your body gets used to it, it’s a prescription drug in America, it can have contraindications to other medications so be sure to tell your doctor if you decide to try it
-creatine. One of the few supplements that actually work. You don’t necessarily have to lift heavy weights in order to reap the benefits of creatine, although that’s where they show the most benefit.
-electrolytes. Cause god knows you’ll be deficient in calories, you’ll need to keep track of your electrolyte and water balance.
-Ephedrine & caffeine. Again, I’m not the best resource in terms of information on this stack, but it’s quite the amazing fix. It blunted my hunger quite a bit! Ephedrine is not a prescription drug but it is sold behind the counter, meaning, you’ll need valid ID to get any. Ephedrine shouldn’t be taken with bromocriptine.

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