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I could not, in any way, claim even 50% of my progress has been made by me alone. I’d feel like a complete dick if I didn’t give credit to the following people and websites. These are sources I use on a daily, if not weekly, basis to progress.

This website is directed by Lyle McDonald, very well known in the fitness community. He wrote books such as The Rapid Fat Loss Diet, Bromocriptine and a slew of other really good scientific reads.

I went through a phase where I was all about keeping track of my body fat percentage. DEXA might be the gold standard in body fat testing, but the whole market of body fat testing is still too error-prone to be taken seriously (subject for another post). In any case, this is where I went to schedule my body fat tests;

This website is great for tracking calories. They have a H U G E database of food. I would just highly recommend avoiding the forums on here. They’ve also made an app which I have had on my phone for years. I literally use this app every day to track my calories, macros, weight, etc.

Another fitness genius who analyzes scientific topics on fitness for the lay-person.

Where I got my workout routine specifically tailored to my lifestyle and gym. The owner of this website, James Krieger is highly respected by the likes of other fitness minds, like Lyle McDonald.


This blog is quite extensive. I’m still making my way through the interesting parts, but I’ve already learned a ton from the author. One really cool thing about this blog is that the author will actually reply to your emails in a timely manner, just make sure you ask him legit questions about dividend stock investing and not dumb questions. He’s a busy guy (I assume).


The opinion’s on Tim Ferriss are varied to say the least. Some people think he’s a genius, other’s think he’s a fraud. I’m in the former group. I read his book Tools of Titans and found a lot of valuable information. He collects wisdom and information from experts in fields like; health and fitness, money, investing, self-improvement, meditation, happiness, and a whole bunch more. 
Trust me, it’s a good read. Be warned though, this is almost quite literally his bible of self-improvement. The damn thing is like 500+ pages long, don’t expect to read it in the cabin on the weekend.

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